Friends of Hudson Parks is a 501(c)(3) organization which actively supports the mission of the City of Hudson Parks (Hudson, Ohio) through volunteerism, advocacy, promotion and fund raising.

We are guided by our shared values: conservation, environmental sustainability, education, community engagement, recreation, health and wellness — to serve, preserve and enhance the Hudson community through a vibrant park system.

Officers and board members for 2022:

♦ President: Phil Mikita
♦ Vice-President: Ed Dell
♦ Treasurer: Rick Beam
♦ Secretary: Becky Mooney
♦ Ed Carroll
♦ Marcia Carsten
♦ Kate Chapel
♦ Stratford Dick
♦ Karen Heater
♦ Sue Ramlo

♦ Parks Liaison: John Spivak
♦ Park Board Liaison: Brett Shriver

♦ Board Member Emeritus: Rob Brooks