Current Programs

Join Our Early Winter Guided Bird Walk 

Please join us for an early winter bird walk around Hudson Springs Lake this Saturday, December 3 at 8:30 a.m. at the May Pavilion.

Our focus will be on ducks using the lake as a waystation on their migration to their wintering grounds. Along the way, we’ll discuss some of the restoration work that is ongoing or will soon be initiated at the park. 

Bring your binoculars and we’ll have a scope for excellent viewing of the ducks. Let us know if you are joining the walk by emailing: or

Hike Hudson Returns

Our annual hiking event is in its 10th year, running from September 1 thru November 30.  Join us in celebrating a decade of enjoying the Hudson parks in autumn; click here for more information including a list of the parks and the link to download the hiking entry form. 

Summer Education Classes

Our children’s summer education programs have returned, running from June 9 thru September 10.  Please click here to see or download the schedule.  Registration is free, and required for participation; please click here to register.

Class size is limited to 20, and classes last about an hour.  The curriculum is geared to children ages 5-12 and children must be accompanied by an adult; younger children may need help with some of the activities.

See you there!

Playground Palooza is back!

Running May 1 through August 31, our annual Playground Palooza event is back, sponsored again by Acme Fresh Markets plus our Best Friends sponsor Western Reserve Racing.

Playground Palooza is open to children ages 2 through 12 years. Click here to download the special Passport which includes the list and locations of the playgrounds. To assemble your passport: 1) print out the two pages – single sided 2) cut on dotted lines 3) Assemble in order of page numbers 4) staple in upper left corner

Play on all seven playground areas, the splash pad at Veterans Way Park plus visit the Hudson Springs Park butterfly garden. Complete your Passport by finding that playground area’s symbol post and rubbing each symbol with a crayon or pencil into your Passport, with the date you visited there.

The first 125 participants to submit completed Passports by August 31 win a free “fidget spinner” to celebrate the accomplishment! Claim your fidget spinner by turning in your completed Passports at Destination Hudson Visitor Center, 27 East Main Street in Hudson, Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

 Geocaching Adventure 2022 – Put on your Detective Hat!

Are you ready to explore the Hudson parks searching for some unique and challenging caches?  How good of a detective are you?  Can you follow the trails, find the hidden clues, solve the puzzles and crack the codes?  The Friends of Hudson Parks Geocaching Adventure continues in its 11th year with the launch of a new series of caches expected to be active by April 2022.  This is a perfect activity to get out into the parks in any season to get some exercise, both mental and physical.  The 2022 caches hidden throughout the Hudson Parks are the foll0wing:

  • FOHP1-22 Veterans Way Park
  • FOHP2-22 Colony Park
  • FOHP3-22 Darrow Road Park
  • FOHP4-22 Oak Grove Park
  • FOHP5-22 Maple Grove Park
  • FOHP6-22 Hudson Springs Park
  • FOHP Bonus 2022 – Bicentennial Woods

Each cache will require you to solve a puzzle to find or access the cache, so be sure to read the cache descriptions before heading out on your adventure.  Record the code found in each of the 6 caches to determine the coordinates for the bonus cache.

Complete the 2022 Geocaching Adventure form (click here to download the 2022 form) by recording the code from each of the caches and adding the sticker you will find in the bonus cache.  Then drop your completed form in the mail box at the Hudson Springs Park entrance booth or mail the completed form to Friends of Hudson Parks, P.O. Box 941, Hudson, OH 44236.  Each cacher who turns in a properly completed form will receive an original 2022 Friends of Hudson Parks PathTag (while supplies last).  Your PathTag will be mailed to you.   Turn in your form by November 30, 2022 and you will have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from a local merchant.

All of the 2020 and 2021 Geocaching Adventure Series caches remain available, and you can still receive a 2020 or 2021 PathTag (while supplies last) for completing each of those series (click to download the 2020 form or the 2021 form).

For a list of the active Friends of Hudson Parks geocaches click one of the links below.  You will need to register and create an account at – registration is free and quick to do.  Go to the bottom of that page to click the link for the “Help Center” for more helpful information about geocaching.

Story Walks at Veterans Way and Bicentennial Woods

The Story Walk program is jointly sponsored by Hudson Community Education & Recreation (HCER) and Friends of Hudson Parks in cooperation with the Hudson Parks Department.  Currently there are Story Walks at two parks.

The Veterans Way walk now features The Kindness Book by Todd Parr (the author’s website is here).  The story emphasizes the importance of kindness in our daily lives. This story is especially important during these virus distracting times. Hikers should enter the Veterans Way walk at the entrance behind the playground. The walk finishes near Darrow Road.

The Bicentennial Woods walk tells the story of The Happy Tree and the Bee by C.E. King, about the formation of a long friendship and its importance in nature. The walk starts at the Victoria Parkway entrance and finishes near Stow Road.

The walks were originally installed in 2016 with the idea that families with young children could take a stroll through the park while reading a book at the same time. The Story Walk displays have recently been upgraded and improved with new, more durable, weather-resistant materials. And new stories are on display.

Meredith Zaffrann, HCER Director, says “The Story Walk is a great partnership with Friends of Hudson Parks and a great asset to the Hudson community. I enjoy providing a fun element to the trails that everyone can enjoy while being outside. We are also grateful to The Learned Owl for helping HCER with providing the books.”

Books are selected by the HCER staff, and are changed throughout the year. It’s a long process because they have to ensure the books fit the specs of the story boards. There are 16 story board displays in each park. The staff tries to choose a variety of books that the whole family can enjoy.

Readers who would like to submit a great Story Walk book can contact HCER at 330-653-1210 or email


Pollinator Meadow at Darrow Road Park

You may have noticed some recent activity at Darrow Road Park. The Hudson Parks Department, City of Hudson, Hudson Park Board and Friends of Hudson Parks together with the US Fish and Wildlife Service are working to create a Pollinator Meadow on six acres at Darrow Road Park in Hudson. The three year process to create the “Pollinator Meadow at Darrow Rd Park” began in mid-June, 2021.  Click here to download a presentation about the project and click here for more information.