Current Programs

Highlighted here are our current programs offered by the Friends of Hudson Parks in conjunction with our sponsors and partners.

Geocaching Adventure 2018

Are you ready to explore the Hudson parks searching for some unique and challenging caches? The Friends of Hudson Parks Geocaching Adventure began in the spring of 2018 and will continue until the 2019 adventure begins in April 2019. This is a perfect activity to get out into the parks to enjoy in any season. The 2018 caches hidden in 6 of the Hudson Parks are the following:

 FOHP1-18 Bicentennial Woods
 FOHP2-18 Darrow Road Park
 FOHP3-18 Cascade Park
 FOHP4-18 Trumbull Woods
 FOHP5-18 Maple Grove Park
 FOHP6-18 Hudson Springs Park

There is also a 7th bonus cache: FOHP Bonus – 2018. Find the code in each of the 6 caches to determine the coordinates for this bonus cache which is located in Hudson Springs Park. Also check out the FOHP-In Search of Bigfoot multi-cache hidden in Maple Grove Park.

Record the code you find in each of the 6 caches on the 2018 Geocaching Adventure form (click here to download the form).

Add the sticker you will find in the bonus cache and drop your completed form in the mailbox at the Hudson Springs Park entrance booth or mail the completed form to Friends of Hudson Parks, P.O. Box 941, Hudson, OH 44236. Cachers turning in a properly completed form will receive an original 2018 Friends of Hudson Parks pathtag (while supplies last). Your pathtag will be mailed to you.

For a list of the active Friends of Hudson Parks geocaches click here, at

You will need to register and create an account at – registration is free and quick to do. In addition to the 2018 FOHP series of caches, all of the caches placed for the 2016 and 2017 series and a few of the caches from the 2014 and 2015 series remain available to be found.